2700Wh, 100V
Max Range
~80-90 miles
Top Speed
~35+ mph (Torque),
~45+ mph (Speed)
Motor Power
2800W nominal, peaks much higher
Fast Charger
Adjustable charger with partial charging capability and up to 8A of power, so you can get to riding faster!
EX Seat
A favorite for long-distance riders, the official EX seat unlocks a whole new way to ride!
Begode Hex Pedals
These extra-huge (and extra-comfortable) pedals feature studs for better grip and an adjustable pedal angle to suit different riding styles!
Gotway’s MSuper series of wheels, currently dominated by the newly-released RS, has long been a favorite among enthusiast riders, but many wish they could get the same performance out of a similarly sized wheel with just a bit more battery capacity. The EX.N is the perfect solution to this problem, as it occupies little more space than an RS, while providing similar handling characteristics, top speed, and portability, but with 50% more range!
Despite the EX.N’s lack of a suspension system, it continues to deliver similar stability to the EX due to its weight, which helps keep the wheel planted on the ground. The EX.N combines the maneuverability and portability that people love about the RS with the range and stability and high speed people love about the Monster Pro, allowing it to slot perfectly in between the two wheels in Gotway’s lineup.
The EX.N’s massive 2700Wh battery pack will allow faster riders to go upwards of 50 miles, a massive upgrade from the last generation of wheels, which struggled to push out 30 or 35 miles when ridden near their top speed. Gone are the days of bringing a charger on long rides, as you might run out of energy before the EX.N does!
Like other larger Gotway wheels, the EX.N supports an optional factory seat to allow for seated riding. While this can be a different experience than normal riding, many love how it allows your feet to rest during a long ride. Seated riding can also help conserve battery at high speeds, since you’ll be taking up less area and thus not have to fight as hard against wind resistance, which is a big power sucker above 30mph.
Battery: 2700Wh, 100V

Max Range: ~80-90 miles

Motor: 2800W nominal, peaks much higher

Top Speed: ~35+ mph (Torque), ~45+ mph (Speed)

Safety Warning System: Alarms & Tilt-back (configurable in app)

Built-in Handle: Retractable trolley, anti-spin lift sensor

Lights: Powerful LED headlight, front accent lighting, taillight

Speakers: Built-in high volume drivers with streaming Bluetooth music playback
Begode (Gotway) wheels are supported by the Begode App available for iOS and Android. Take a close look at your stats in real-time such as battery charge, voltage, and internal temps. Choose your ride mode and pedal calibration, upgrade your firmware, and see what other Begode riders are up to around the world.


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