AUTHENTIC 2020 Canam “Spyder’ RS-S


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The Spyder has a lot of tangible and well as intrinsic value for the pricey $18,799 retail cost of owning one of these high-end semi-automatic beauties. I don’t feel you’re sacrificing anything in terms of an open-air ride with this vehicle. Notice I never once called the Spyder a motorcycle, because it is not. It’s a new concept offering many qualities of the ride of a motorcycle while providing many new ones unique to its own class of being a roadster.

Specs At A Glance: 2020 Can-Am Spyder RS-S

Displacement: 990cc V-Twin

Seat Height: 29 inches

Fuel Capacity: 7.1 gallons

Dry Weight: 699 pounds

WRN Recommendation:
Unlike a trike, the Spyder is a stand-alone vehicle in terms of what it offers. A trike is traditionally meant for riders who need that third wheel for whatever reason. A Spyder, in my opinion, is a vehicle born out of excitement as opposed to filling any need. Demo rides are being offered all over the country. Get on one and experience the difference.


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AUTHENTIC 2020 Canam “Spyder’ RS-S

AUTHENTIC 2020 Canam “Spyder’ RS-S