If you’re looking for the ultimate aquatic exploring pleasure, just head to the water with your Seabob F5. Experience vast open waters and pure freedom, without boundaries, without limits.

Speed of your Seabob is regulated Via the Controlgrip, providing an enourmous thrust and power to the Seabob.

The Seabob F5’s hydrodynamic shape provides for an amazing degree of agility in the water. Steering and diving are a breeze – all that is required is a shift in your body weight.

Cayago and the Porsche Engineering team have come together to produce the ultimate water sled.


Features of the Seabob F5

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Reach speeds up to 9.3 mph, glide along quickly and freely like a dolphin (or great white, depending on your preference). Fastest water sled on the market.
Hydrodynamic shape and intelligent design provide optimal handling above and below the water.
Control at Your Fingertips
Controlgrip controls drive, speed, and can shut the motor off instantly.
Dive Deep
Hook up your scuba gear and explore depths as low 100+ feet!
Long Battery Charge
60 minutes of operating time, 1.5 hrs recharging time with Quick Charger.
Lightweight and Easy to Handle
Weighs approximately 60 lbs, and has handles for easy transportation to the water. Very light to handle considering the significant power of the Seabob F5 motor.
Cool Color Options
Ixon Red, Light Yellow and Star White, as well as special color options.
Quick Information
Cockpit displays vital information such as battery charge, depth and water temperature.
Environmentally Friendly & Economic
Water displacement form of propulsion; no need for fuel.
2 Year Warranty, 24/7 Live support


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